Drum Stuff. with Aaron Rosa

So for any drummers that care, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding my gear. So here we go.

For my kit I use my DW drumkit, which have x shells. My specs are a 16x24 kick, 9x13 rack tom,  16x16 floor, and a 5.6 x14 snare, all in Super Tangerine sparkle wrap. 

DW stands. fo sho.Cymbal wise, Sabian cymbals AAX all the way

No better pedals than Pearl Eliminators. Thats all I will use because they are simply the best. 

Next time you see me I will most lilkey have my new SJC custom kit with me, which you will see very soon online =)

All same sizes but I need a nice “no glitter kit” in my life. 

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